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Ebony would be a stain color I would add to a color to make darker. If you like the way it looks, there’s no need to stain the wood. If you want a darker color or a more pronounced grain pattern, go ahead and stain it. Once you know what type of wood you are working with, it will be easier to choose a stain that will enliven and restore the wood. Staining over stain is easy and works beautifully if your applying a dark stain over a lighter stain on raw wood.

And, you need to know that you will not be able to resand them in the future . This is not real hardwood…it’s a form of engineered varathane vs minwax stain wood, so tread with caution. You may easily sand through the first layer, especially if you aren’t experienced in sanding.


Although you might find both of these products similar at first, they are not. Therefore, we have brought you a comprehensive guide to help you make the right decision. The unfortunate reality is that you can only stain bare wood. Varthane’s stain/poly is pretty the same as Minwax’s Polyshades and only suitable for finishing dog houses.

Therefore quality of any one product is consistently changing. With that being said it is wiser to be quality bias as compared to product bias. Of the three water based finishes I mentioned these are products that some clients prefer by name. What can be agreed upon by any maker of professional products is that they all in fact are superior to what’s generally a household name to homeowners. Additionally as you know regardless of what finish is used, the finish is only going to be as good as the sanding and preparation prior to the application of finish. While what finish is used is certainly important, the sanding and prep are more important.

Thoughts On minwax Vs Duraseal Stain

Oil-based primer is a completely different thing than oil-based paint, and oil-based primer is formulated to work with either kind of paint. Could it be because your putting a acrylic over something oil based? I’ve used Polycrylic tons of times with no problems over chalk varathane vs minwax stain or acrylic paints. You could have a piece of non-glare glass cut to fit the table top and then put the little discs in between. I have been working on wood projects since I was a young boy. My dad made rocking chairs and other furniture to sell all over the mid west.

When you have more than 1 coat, the poly won’t adhere as well. It may be okay in some cases but will probably wear down a bit faster over time. I would imagine that 3 coats of stain would be a disaster, and I would not expect it to last…or even come out right in the first place.

Varathane Polyshades

We decided to have it match the special walnut floors and the rest of the house. We texted Minwax special walnut, in 1 and 2 coats, on the cedar wood to make sure it was the color we liked. You can see the bottom of the can thru varathane or minwax stains. I am using the minwax poly on my “practice” piece, the top of an old dresser. I have done quite a few coats, sanding with 0000 steel wool in between coats.

Older woods that are very dehydrated might take a liberal amount for good results. It doesn’t show up well when applying to an existing finish. You should be careful when applying this product by making sure you don’t put too much on in a single coat. It may require more sanding than liquid stains because of its thickness. Most wood stain needs to be applied with a paintbrush, but for small projects, you can simply use the Minwax Wood Finishing Cloths.

varathane vs minwax stain

I was actually very excited to sample stains on oak. It is not a wood that we ever work with – mainly because it is the most expensive type of wood sold at our local hardware store. I love the looks of Puritan Pine and Weathered Oak on the pine – I think they bring out the grain while still adding interesting color to the wood. Pine is a favorite wood of many beginning woodworkers because it is cheap and plentiful.

Jacobean By Minwax

I see that they now have a High Traffice formula, which I haven’t tried yet. Other times I’ll use the one that says Diamond Wood Finish on it. I can’t speak on other Rustoleum products, as this is the only one that I and many other professional decorative artists use.

Rust-Oleum is the mother company of Varathane. Robert Fergusson founded the brand in 1921, who initially used whale oil to manufacture the products. Now, they use resins varathane vs minwax stain that make their products more durable and provide them with outstanding clarity and expert finish. Arthur B. Harrison initially founded the company in 1904.

We selected wood types that are all commonly used by DIYers and easily available at your local hardware store. We used pine wood, and yes it is important to test out the finishes on the type of wood you are using for your project even if it is pine. Again if you are interested in a gray stain, see 5 gray stain options and for white stain, white wood stain options. Or if you want a more weathered finish, see how to create a weathered wood gray finish, as well as my Weathered Wood Recipes eBook.

  • If it is a particularly hardwood like hard maple, oak, or hickory for example, the stain applies really well directly on the wood.
  • A standard application will usually dry within one hour after applying.
  • Alternatly,2 walls in vee with top works well also.

Next I use a clean cloth damp with thinner to grab and remove the smaller particles that you would otherwise see and curse over as you watch your product cure. Also, a tack cloth works well to remove fine dust right before you go to apply your product. It should go without saying that dust management is paramount in the finishing process. Sometimes it may be necessary to hang plastic, visqueen, or some sort of barrier to keep the dust out. This is why, by the way, that stained wood is somewhat out of fashion.

Minwax Wood Finish Oil

While water-based stains are trickier to apply, they’re eco-friendly, quick-drying, and easy to clean. Made in England, this product is a powdered wood dye, made so that you can add it to your own liquid base. The dye penetrates the wood extremely well, providing a color finish that won’t be damaged by scratches and dents. At the same time, it’s a translucent colorant, bringing forth the wood’s natural grain and beauty. Different colors of the dye can be mixed together for special effects and colors.


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